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    I was throwing around this concept in my mind to try to get us a little closer and more formal. So I'll spearhead this feel free to contribute or just giggle at me ^^.
    Name: Sarah
    Age: 19
    Location: New York Upstate, near Niagara
    Mabi Bio: Joined mabi a few years back in the early summer of 09' when the Ira patch was just released. I had recently switched from another Nexon game Combat Arms which I beta tested and one of my friends suggested that I play mabi. I overall enjoyed mabi and became hooked, met a few friends in my early days including Mond. When i first began, 99% of the population of Alexina was friendly and approachable so I enjoyed the game and decided to stay. I originally founded my first guild about 8 months from starting Mabi, I named it Icestorm... for no reason other that it sounded cool. We were a very small guild at max about 30 members max. Icestorm mark1 was around for a few months when I decided to end it and quit being leader for a while.

    I ended up in a guild called Risen which was one of these "gotta be pro to get in guilds", so I stayed for 2 months until I was fed up with all the Elitest attitudes and overall unfriendly atmosphere where only level was considered. After I quit I created IceStorm mark2 in the faint hope that I could somehow bring back what made mabinogi special to me in the first place. I honestly never Anticipated how many people would eventually call Icestorm home, or at least trace their roots back to IS. In grand total Icestorm mark 2 had over 600 members and was the largest and one of the most well known guilds out there lasting for an amazing year. In the course of this year, I realized I found what I was pretty much looking for in the first place, a guild that was just about having fun and doing stuff which valued each others company not just their damage values. But as time passed on I felt that it was slowly slipping away so I decided to start over, see who REALLY stick to the main idealism of the guild and who would fade away. It was a tough call but at the end of the day i feel that It was the right thing to do.

    Hence CrescentMoon Was born and Time and true Icestormers found their way back home. So ever since this happened, I finally found the thing that really stood out to me in Mabi; Its players. Because even with all the trouble of late, I can always rely on you guys to bring a smile to my face.

    Personal Bio: Im South Korean born in Korea who moved to the US only several months of age. Im currently enrolled in a IT college to get my Major in Computer Science, and Information Technology, with a minor in History. I run a small business of computer repair and maintenance from my house as well. I have one younger sister and brother and 3 cats. I enjoy laughing and making others laugh, as well as helping those in need. I dislike Anime as well as rap music, but I enjoy rock, 90's and 80's music, as well as techno. Also as you probably have guessed, I love cats Wink cat

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