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    IRC Chat 25 of Auqust Empty IRC Chat 25 of Auqust

    Post  Sabrial on Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:28 pm

    Special Note: <+hime> Today, we have two awesome guests!

    <+hime> NxA_cp who is the producer of NA Mabinogi and NeuralNX who is overseer of everything Community!

    Editor's Note: All questions were answered by NxA_cp.

    Any other Nexon Represenative responses will have their names beside them.
    IRC Questions

    Q: Any close to fully getting rid of the mod called pake which allows the duping and GM Hide?

    A: Regarding the mod, we have been working closely with devCAT to identify the issues that have been present (and exploited) for the last few weeks... It's not been easy, as some of these mods are pretty sophisticated... however, we have maintained some radio silence as we didn't want to unfairly set your expectations... But please be assured that we are making progress in our efforts.

    Q: When is the next generation of Mabinogi going to be released?

    A: As for the next generation of Mabinogi, we do have new content scheduled for the Fall... while I can't communicate a specific date to you yet, please do know that we look forward to bringing you new content in the near future.

    Q: Why are maint taking so long? Also, when will we get another chance for a Battle Mandolin *drools*

    A: Yes, Maintenance today is very long due to some back-end server work... we thank you for all your patience! As for the Battle Mandolins, as long as you are all nice and respectful to Sabina, there's a strong chance that these will be available in some form in the future.
    A: <+Sabina> Very Happy

    Q: Is the maintence taking so long because you are compensating the 20k nx to those affected during the 17th-20th?

    A: Alas, no... the maintenance is not related to the NX compensation; though you ought to see the NX in your accounts by the end of the weekend, if not sooner.

    Q: I would like to know what happened to the players that have been duplicating items over the past couple of days?

    A: Players that have been identified as duplicating items will be addressed... As for now, I will not be providing details, but I will be happy to communicate them (via Sabina or myself) when they do take place.

    Q: After Sunday's maintenance, I came on to see that my items I've gain were gone. Was this rollback intentional?

    A: The rollback was intentional only in that we needed to do something to quell the amount of manufactured items in the game. It's hard to stop a hurricane with an umbrella (for those of you in the East Coast, we hope Irene passes through quickly)...

    Q: While I don't mind and like the Shakespeare generations that were implemented, it feels like they deviate away from the original story of Mabinogi a bit. When are we going to have more Generations driven by Cichol and whatnot?

    A: While I do like Shakespeare myself, I know that many players want to return to the events of Mabinogi Pre-Shakespeare... I can't promise that it's going to happen tomorrow, or even in the next month or 2, but we will see a return to complete those stories... Sorry I can't provide a firm date; even I don't have one!

    Q: Are you gonna extend the M-A-B-I-N-O-G-I Letters event? Since we lost 1 day of playing today? Mad

    A: Do you want it extended only 1 more day? We can extend another week if you would like...

    Q: Is it safe to use our NX cards? And buy items in the shop? Or is there going to be another roll back again. ;;?

    A: YES, it is safe to use NX, Character cards, pet cards, etc.... The rollback did what we needed it to do... We certainly don't anticipate another rollback....

    Q: Will the housing channel bidding system be fixed during this maintenance?

    A: As of now, the housing channel bidding system is still an issue; we hope to have a reliable fix for this next week, but for today, the team is working on it.

    Q: Mr. Park! Do tell us more about yourself! What are your feelings toward Mabinogi and it's future?

    A: So many personal questions! In all seriousness, I've been working on Mabinogi a little over a year now and work with a great team.. as for the future of Mabinogi, I know that the content is what drives players, and we are working to provide you with better content as we go forward! Sorry I can't be too specific yet... but details will emerge in the future.

    Q: Will there be any chance for rare items such as the Mabinogi School Uniforms and Wakizashis during an event in the future?

    A: A chance? By all means YES. However, I don't have a specific date to communicate. Though it is good to know specifically what players want, as we can do our best to try to get these to you in events, rewards for all of Sabina's contests or other means...
    A: <+hime> (Sabina runs a lot of contests so do participate)
    A: <+Sabina> Yes!!

    Q: I've been told due to users duping items and gold that buying items is unsafe because we could be banned if caught with the duped item. Is that true? Or is it safe to continue to buy from user shops etc?

    A: While we have not released any specific information as to what happens to players with duped/manufactured/modified items, I think it's safe to say that servers only see black and white. Either the item is duped/modified or it isn't... so if it happens to be in your character's possession, it's a good idea to make it disappear..

    Q: I'm apologizing in advance for the length of this, but i have a lot to say! first off; thank you for taking care of what rampant hacks have been going around. i know many users were displeased with the rollback, but in reality it helped put the economy back into a stable state, which is what we really needed before it got awful. secondly, thank you for so many events! it's so fun, i have so much to do lately and they occupy a lot of time!

    A: No need to fully thank us yet, though we do really appreciate the kind words... we ALL know that we have a lot of work to do and a lot of YOUR trust to regain.. those of you that are here and have stuck with Mabinogi are the real ones who deserve thanks...

    Q: Once this mod and duplication problem is fixed, is there going to be any kind of precautions added to help prevent anymore from occurring?

    A: To be very frank, we were caught by surprise by all the malicious activity... and now that we have this experience (and are still living through it), we have no choice but to be more cognizant of how to better prepare the game going forward..

    Q: Are giants going to get any love in the coming events? :C

    A: <+hime> (no)
    <+hime> (kidding!)
    A: <+Sabina> ;~;
    A: You mean Giants don't get any love now? In all seriousness, the Giant community does appear to be under-appreciated in some people's eyes, and we (Nexon/devCAT) look for ways to better balance this out... do we have a specific idea for tomorrow? no, but we will always keep this in consideration for future content/events

    Q: What is your favorite race ingame? Smile

    A: It's a plain answer, but Human... and yes, Vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor too...

    Q: Is Nexon looking into who the hackers and gold dupers are? If so are they going to go about punishing these individuals?

    A: Yes, we are definitely looking into the character/accounts that are making your Fantasy Life experience 'less than a Fantasy' (excuse the poor attempt at humor)... it's not fair to you, our loyal players, and quite frankly, it just sucks for everyone... but we are on the case... though we can't share all the details yet...

    Q: Will there ever be another double rainbow event?

    A: Would you like another Double Rainbow event? Yes, the magical combination of rain and sunlight to produce a spectrum of colors will be visiting Erinn in the near future... not tomorrow, but soon.

    Q: When are the items from the fashion design constest going to be release ;w;?

    A: We want these items as much as you do, however, to be fair, with the team working on new content and addressing the recent issues, I can safely say that it will be a while before the items are in-game... Man, I hope I'm wrong though...

    Q:I heard that the gold/bugle dupers of the Haze guild intended to quit the game anyway. Are there any prospects of bringing legal or civil action against the members in court?

    A: No comment
    A: <+NeuralNX> Yeah, we just can't comment on any legal issues unfortunately.

    Q: Will there be a chance to see old pets that were out for a limited amount of time back in the shop again?

    A: So I take it that you missed out on the Memorial Pets sale at the end of July? Any specific pets that you want to see come back?

    Q: How big is the NA Mabinogi staff?

    A: Just a few hamsters running in our respective wheels... in this office, the team is 5 production members, 2 VERY dedicated Community members in Sabina and hime and various support teams of engineers, web developers, etc...
    A: <+hime> Sabina does all the work really.

    <+hime> I just get to command her. >Very Happy

    A: <+Sabina> True story!

    Q: If you were to rate Mabinogi World on a scale of 1-10 for coolness, would it be over 9000?

    A: Yes, 9001...
    A: <+Sabina> XD

    Q: What happen to the normal night maintanences?

    A: As the seasons are about to change, we are experimenting with different times for our maintenances, as you have recently experienced. We should lock down a normal time again very soon..

    Q: You are kind of like hmm...let me guess A PIMP.

    A:<+hime> Hahaha good one but no. I don't pay her. Neural authorizes her work hours lol.
    A: <+Sabina> LOL

    Q: My mother wanted me to ask this so is playing mabinogi safe for me?

    A: Well, Mabinogi is exciting and tells a great story and is fun, so if that is 'safe' enough for Momma, then welcome!

    Q: What's your favorite field boss?

    A: Well, it certainly is NOT the Desert Dragon, since it always kicks my butt..

    Q: What will G15 bring into the mix besides Merchant of Venice? Any new content?

    A: You're reading too much on the internet..
    A: <+hime> XD

    Q: What made you guys decide to use karma coins?

    A: The decision to use Karma Koins is a company-wide decision, as we wanted to evolve NX and at the same time, make sure that NX goes to positive causes, when possible... Sorry if the answer sounds hokey, but it is true..

    <+NxA_cp> A few last notes... THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for your time this afternoon, early evening and morning (for our AUS players).... it's certainly been quite an experience to have this real-time conversation with you all.. [i][b]

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